Four-L-Ent Safety

Insights On Building Trust & Employee Safety

We are a company committed to a safe work place and ensuring that all employees are specially trained in hazard assessments as well as site and equipment safety.

Workplace Safety

Protecting our family

We employ a full time safety officer ensuring all policy and procedures are followed to safety standards. An outside audit is performed annually to comply with updates to Occupational Health & Safety policies.

Employees adhere to the company’s manual and procedure established according to the Occupational Health & Safety Regulations. All employees have received a thorough orientation, hold valid safety tickets and are expected to report any issues and participate in monthly safety meetings.

We do a lot to adhere to our own high standards of safety as well as industry compliance:

  • Mandatory manager-employee safety meetings held monthly
  • Daily Vehicle walk arounds required
  • Each job requires a hazard assessment
  • All trucks have an annual tank inspection done by a certified third party

Certifications & Compliance

Cor Workplace Safety - Certificate of Recognition for Four L Ent
ComplyWorks Certified - Four L Ent
ISN Certified - Four L Ent Oilfield transportation in Alberta
First Class Technicians & Support

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